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By Roch

Serves 4-5 people

// Vacherin Cheese Fondue

Ingredients – 500 g hard Fribourg vacherin cheese (young) ; 500 g soft Fribourg vacherin cheese (well aged) ; 3 dl of water ; 1 kg potatoes boiled in their skin or bread ; pepper and/or garlic to taste.

Preparation – Remove the rind and slice the cheese thinly. Heat the water in an iron pot (do not boil). Add the vacherin cheese. Stir constantly, the cheese should become creamy. Never boil! (max. 50°C / 122°F). Immediately place the fondue pot on a chafing dish and maintain at a steady temperature while eating. The fondue can be eaten spooned out over slightly crushed (pealed or not) potatoes, or with well anchored bread cubes (~2cm) on the fork, stirring twice in the pot.