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By Maria

Serves 4 people

// Plain in pigna

Ingredients – 11,2 kg raw potatoes ; 150 g dry goat sausage (or salami or smoked meat) ; 100 g smoked bacon , 200 g onions or leek ; 1 dl milk ; 1 dl cream ; 1 t.s. flour ; 1 egg ; 20 g butter ; salt and nutmeg.

Preparation – Peal and roughly grate the potatoes. Thinly slice the bacon and cut the sausage into small cubes. Roast half of the sausage and bacon in a pan with the onions or the leek. Poor this preparation over the grated potatoes and add the rest of the (raw) meat to it. Add the flour, egg, milk and cream. Season with salt and nutmeg. Mix carefully and check seasoning. Poor the batter into a greased baking pan. The layer shouldn’t be more than 3 cm thick. Bake it for 1 hour at 180° C (375° F). Serve it with a red beets salad.